The Anatomy of an Invitation Suite

All you need to know for building the perfect wedding invitation suite. Every stationery option explained, piece by piece, so you know what it is and if you need it for your wedding.

As wedding stationery gets more personalized, it’s hard to know what you need. A few of the couples that I've met with confess how unsure or overwhelmed they are with all the different options out there for wedding invitations. The good news is that almost everything can be customized to your needs.

I’m going to break it down piece by piece so you know what each bridal stationery item is and why it’s needed.


The main parts of an invitation suite include the following—

Invitation: This is where all the crucial information goes. The Bride and Groom’s names, hostnames or parents of the Bride and Groom, date, time, and venue/location.

Outer Envelope: The envelope that will hold all the other items of the suite. If you choose an Envelope Liner, the liner would be glued to the inside of the Outer Envelope. Envelopes can be square or pointed flap.

Reply Card: This is where your guests let you know if they can attend your wedding. They are replying with their acceptance or regret. A blank line is where they’ll write their names (so you know who is replying). The “M” is a traditional way to start the line for the Mr. or Ms. prefix. Including a ‘reply by’ date lets people know when they need to mail back their response, usually about 4 weeks before the wedding date.

Reply Envelope: This envelope should be pre-addressed and stamped so it’s super easy for your guests to send back their RSVP.

Details Card: It’s a place for any other information that’s not on the Invitation, but your guests need to see. For example, accommodations, wedding website, map, directions, transportation/parking, registry/gifts, attire, children, etc.

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